The term CSA refers to community supported agriculture. Many farms have developed CSA programs to help make it simple for consumers to get their hands on locally grown, often organic foodstuff. The money paid by consumers to take part in the programs also helps support the farms and make farming a more viable way to make a living.

Farm To Table Restaurants

Please support these Middle Tennessee restaurants with your dollars. Restaurants and eateries sourcing local food have made a serious commitment to our local food shed. And, don't forget to mention Local Table when making reservations!

Farmers' Markets

Our Farmers' Markets offer I wide variety of ways to enjoy our local produce and other goods. They can very widely in the rules they follow, some require local growers, some allow goods to be brought in from anywhere. They can range from a few tents in a wide place in the road to a modern pavilion with restaurants and other attractions.

Local Artisan Producers

Middle Tennessee has a rich and diverse community of folks creating unique, one of a kind artisanal food products. Many are family businesses using family recipes, or have an idea to make a product they are proud to share with their community.

Local Grocers & Farm Stores

Tennessee is growing by leaps and bounds. A new grocery chain seems to be coming to town every few months. However, there are a few folks out there who still run a small, neighborhood and/or specialty store. Some focus on local producers and locally made artisan goods, while others are farm stores which have grown to include not only their own products, but those of other farms and producers. These jewels of their community are worth the effort to support.

Resources & Organizations

We are lucky to have so many non profit organizations helping make our community healthier for all us. Looking for a place to volunteer? Wondering where to make a donation? Check out this list of local groups making the world a better place.

Search by County

We want to make it easier to find healthier, and tastier food for you and your family. We offer easy and varied choices. You can choose catagories like farmers' markets, CSAs, farm stands, or by product, and you can select counties, or search the whole database. You can even combine a leisure day trip in our beautiful countryside with a gourmet destination. We hope you can use the guide, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee.

Ginger - Nature's Buried Treasure

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VIDEO - The Nashville Food Project

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Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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On a Saturday morning visit to Kenny and Beverly Mattingly 39 s dairy farm there is nothing approaching a dull moment Kenny is able to cut the curds in his 300 gallon milk vat assist customers confer with his son about a cow in heat that needs to be bred and describe his cheesemaking operation all...

2019 James Beard Nominee, Margot McCormack - Meet My Farmers

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