Taste of Jewell Farms

Tehran Jewell
3038 Porter Pike
Bowling Green, KY 42103


We are a group of like minded family farms growing fruits, vegetables and sustainably raised beef, chicken, pork and rabbit. We have some of the B.E.S.T. and the cheapest prices (a rare find). Our family farm, Jewell Farms, transitioned from tobacco to growing fruits and vegetables for other families through our CSA and farmers markets in Bowling Green and Middle Tennessee. Transitioning from tobacco in this age of new farm missions, Taste of Jewell @ Jewell Farms has embarked in their B.E.S.T. mission, growing the Best fruits and vegetables, Edible fruits and vegetables, Sustainable fruits and vegetables, and Tasteful fruits and vegetables that a sustainable and naturally growing farm can provide! Our CSA runs from April through September; sign-ups are January through February; includes products from multiple farms. Payment plans are available. Pick up is at our farm in Bowling Green and pre-determined locations.

Call To Farmers

We are looking for farmers growing crops, or anyone we may have missed. If you are not included in this guide and would like to make sure your farm, farmers market or retail operation is listed in the future, please get in touch. You can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or lisa@localtable.net or use our online form.

Thanks for growing!

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